Corporate Identity For Stadtkind Nick Chapman Studio was approached by a coffee shop/bar based in Berlin to design it’s branding. The name Stadtkind loosely means ‘child of the city’ The brief was to come up with a simple logo to invoke the chilled out playful nature if this brand. This lavish urban 21st century bar is furnished with [...]


Website Design for Amber Management Amber is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering company which has achieved over 20 years of success working clients such as RAF Brize Norton, Hadley Court and many other large Government organisations. We were approached by Amber to come up with a slick simple contemporary website design that conveys the essence of what they do. We worked very [...]


Corporate Identity At Nick Chapman Studio we pride ourselves on crafting strong identities and building brands that have great longevity. Our logos spread across a broad spectrum of sectors, from Bands and bars right the way through to corporate organisations. A clearly defined and positive corporate identity is of vital importance for success and growth of any [...]


The Ultimate Collection is the best-selling 5CD range from 
Union Square Music. Each album features 100 tracks, showcasing the finest major-label repertoire and the biggest artists of any given genre. Nick Chapman Studio was approached by Union Square Music to completely revamp the series, with brand new contemporary designs created to really stand out in the racks, and [...]