Project Description

Now That’s What I Call Summer

The Brand Now That’s What I Call Music saw it’s first release in 1983. The concept was taken from a 1920s advertising poster for Danish bacon featuring a pig saying “Now. That’s What I Call Music” as it listened to a chicken singing, which was hung on a wall in Simon Drapers office at the time. The deal was finalised on Richard Branson’s boat moored in Little Venice.

The pig became the mascot for the series’, making its last appearance on Now That’s What I Call Music 5.

Ever since then the Now That’s What I Call Music Brand has gone from strength to strength and the series has sold over 100 million albums worldwide.

Some years ago as well as the regular Now brand which is numeric, Now Music started releasing more genre based concept albums such as ‘Now That’s What I Call Drivetime, ‘Now That’s What I Call Love’ and many more.

Nick Chapman Studio has been instrumental in the success of the genre based brands, ‘Now That’s What I Call A Summer Party sold over 250,000 copies in so many weeks. Every sleeve is carefully crated whilst keeping the brand very fresh and respecting the brand heritage. Now Summer is one of the latest in this series and reached Number 1 in the compilation charts.